RE: virus: Re:virtuality
Wed, 15 Jan 97 11:57:30 GMT

Tony wrote:

> hi, the new kid on the block...

Hello, welcome to our little world :)

> and, no, I dont think that there is any way we can tell if we live in an
> artificial world simply because if we do, our brain has accepted this as the
> only reality it has and therefore would protect it heavily.

I'd go with that. I've noticed that during the course of this discussion,
we've constantly affirmed that memetically speaking it wouldn't make much
difference, either.

Can you imagine the shock of finding out that the place you live is just the
product of someone's twisted computer game?

> Although, I
> think that if this were an artificial reality, there would be far less
> limitations on us as far as physical laws go.

I'd disagree with that, though. For it to be a successful simulation, there
would have to be laws that governed behaviour, and parameters within which we
operate. These are the physical laws, IMO.