RE: virus: Re:virtuality
Thu, 16 Jan 97 13:32:53 GMT

Tony wrote:

> At 11:57 AM 1/15/97 GMT, you wrote:
> >Tony wrote:
> >
> >> hi, the new kid on the block...
> >
> >Hello, welcome to our little world :)
> Thanks!

BTW, ignore Flaps when he makes offensive statements. He's not really that
attached to life ;)

> >> Although, I
> >> think that if this were an artificial reality, there would be far less
> >> limitations on us as far as physical laws go.
> >
> >I'd disagree with that, though. For it to be a successful simulation, there
> >would have to be laws that governed behaviour, and parameters within which we
> >operate. These are the physical laws, IMO.
> I can see this point. Any game must have rules to govern it and limitations
> that the scope of the game can cover.

Yup, exactly, just as most platform shoot-em-ups would have something like
gravity which keeps the figure from floating all over the screen, we have
laws which do the equivalent, but I'm sure they're much more complex.

> I must change my stand on that point.

Wow, I've argued something convincingly, must write that in my diary :)