Re: virus: Re:virtuality (RPG)

Alexander Williams (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 11:48:17 -0500 wrote:
> 3 or 4 at a guess. Possibly more, but a lot of my friends are totally apathetic
> about new things:
> "Nah, can't be bothered...."
> or,
> "Can't we just go to the pub ..."

Just about perfect. :)

> What happens, though? Do you buy a book or something with a plot line in
> it, or do you design your own?

Myself, I pretty much write and design my own plotlines; I run a pretty
simulationist game, meaning the world reacts to the actions of the
characters rather than my starting with a pre-defined plotline to herd
them down. My anime-based episodic games are different, but I play
fewer of them.

> Fancy a game then?
> (Prob'ly have to be off the ML)

I s'pect the ML would get really disgusted by my purple prose in-game
right quicklike.

Right now I don't really have time to run a PBEM (or I'd already be
running an OVER THE EDGE PBEM), but give me a few weeks for my brain to
gel something together ...

   Alexander Williams { /}
  Prefect of the 8,000,000th Terran Overlord Government Experimental
      Strike Legion, Primary Transport TOG "Bellatores Inquieti"
   You ride in 250 tons of molecularly aligned crystalline titanium
wedded to a ceramic ablative matrix.  You carry a 200mm Gauss
cannon, two massive 10-gigawatt lasers, two SMLM fire-and-forget
missiles, a Vulcan IV point defense anti-missile system, and a
deadly assortment of other equally lethal weapons.
   Your vehicle is the ultimate product of 4,000 years of armored
   Your life expectancy is less than two minutes.