Re: virus: Memes and Genes

Dave Pape (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 00:13:48 GMT

At 22:16 16/01/97 +0000, Martz wrote:
>On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Dave Pape <> wrote:
>>There's a sci-fi short story (who by?) in which all the clever people decide
>>to cut the population by only having one child per married, couple, and
>>intelligence is weeded out of the gene pool, because stupid people carry on
>>having lots of kids. Or something. Peace!
>Perhaps you'd like to support my new campaign.
>Free to forward, free to copy, free to mutate.
>There is too much stupidity in the world, and the ratio of the dolt to
>the discerning is increasing daily. Since the advent of effective
>contraception, humanity has been breeding for low intelligence. People
>with brains have realised that contraception makes sense; put a proper
>effort into one or two kids instead of having to divide your resources
>between lots.
>The people with the most kids are the people with the least
>brains. This propogation of stupid genes carries the seed
>of mankinds destruction, yet it is dangerous to advocate the slaughter
>of the senseless. They outnumber us by a huge margin, after all, and
>are prone to using violence as a debating tool of first resort.
>I have a solution.

Hey cool. As long as "stupid" doesn't mean "shares few memes in common with
me". Because then, LOADS of high-IQ people would get their plebs docked.

It's got to be "neuter people in whose neural resource memes can only
feedback on each other to a low number of levels of recursion." It mustn't
bear any reference to WHAT THOSE MEMES MIGHT BE.

Because, if we want to ENCOURAGE memetic processing, my siblings in Virus,
we must weed out not those with whom we disagree, but those who cannot
support rich memetic processing, whether they are our enemies OR NOT!

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