Re: virus: Ethical War - Good or Bad?

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 13:39:11 -0800

Dave Pape wrote:
Chimps have violent wars, and do things like betray and murder each
for reasons of status enhancement. I've certainly seen video of chimp
troupes kicking each other in in an advancedly violent manner. Chimps
do things like wartime atrocities, involving males kidnapping females
rival troupes, waiting for pregnant females to bear their young, killing
young and then impregnating the females. There's a good chapter in
Wright's "The Moral Animal" in which he describes a chimp tale of sexual
murder and treachery. Scientists will scream that it's very anecdotal,
but I
think the castration-murder scene is pretty suggestive. Other species
can be
inhuman too.

Ok so my comparison was wrong, but the point's still there. Moral codes
glued to warfare only make wars a more considerable act, less expensive
and more profitable.