Re: virus: Re:virtuality
Tue, 21 Jan 97 13:23:15 GMT

Ken Boyd wrote:

> [I wrote:]
> > I have thought about re-incarnation, and figured it would be nice if it were
> > true. It all comes down to this thing we call a "soul", IMO. If your soul
> > really is a spiritual thing, then it *must* live on after the body dies.
> > I'm not sure I believe that, but I can't prove it. If, on the other hand,
> > the soul is just a lucky combination of chemicals, which form a thing called
> > your soul. Is it synonymous with consciousness? I don't know.
> Why is there this flying assumption that a "soul" must be "spiritual"?

It doesn't. That's what I was getting at. I was saying that the soul
has to be defined, before re-incarnation can be easily discussed. /If/
it's spiritual, then there is a good case for it, but if it's the same
as consciousness (and there's another horrible subject) then it may
not be spiritual.