virus: Hello and thanks for the fish

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 23:37:21 -0800 (PST)

Greetings. I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Tim. I've been
reading about memetics for a while, but I'm new to Virus. You seem a
little more focused than some of the other newsgroups. I like that.
I'll apologize in advance for my nature. Some would say I'm a
troublemaker. It's the Aries in me, I can't help myself. I'm most
comfortable in the role of court jester. I like to stir things up just to
see what'll boil to the surface. I don't mean any harm and you shouldn't
expect me to always believe the things I say. Sometimes I just like to
see what happens when someone says them. Feel free to put me in my place
at any time.
I wonder, has anyone seem any good mathematical models of meme
transmission or spread through a given ideasphere? Any hints as to where
to start looking?

Prof. Tim
Seattle, Wa.