Re: virus: <Semi>-Natural Selection of Methuselah

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 13:58:26 -0800

Kenneth wrote:
It's difficult to need to hire/locate a babysitter when your oldest
child is
20+ years old [assuming vaguely normal health.] [In a nuclear family,
The shitty phrasing of my original message caused some
misunderstandings. Let me rephrase:
Letís say youíre 28, with a 2 year-old infant. Your parents (or more
probably grand-parents) could baby-sit your child, leaving you more
resources to invest in work, education and more kids.
Your children, and with them your genes, would obtain a better position,
with greater chances to survive and reproduce.
If we raise retirement age to 80, then only the grand-(grand-)children
of the 80+ would have that better position. Any possible genetical
causes to long-life will become more widespread.

All this assuming nuclear families of the model familiar to us.

I apologize for forgetting the basics about kibbutzim [sic?].
Most kibbutzim have returned to the model of nuclear families some 30
years ago. They also suffer from heavy debts, but thatís another