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Subject: Books, re: BUSINESS astrologu SERVICE
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Subject: BUSINESS astrologu SERVICE
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The "BRIPAGEMM" L.L.C. specializes in the business astrology and offers you
it's service. The highly qualified and certificated astrologers shall
perform your order with the guarantee of quality.

1. We determine the suitability for your joint activities of your business
partners or your office workers, the present and future ones.
2. We foretell the efficiency of the specific contracts as well as the
availability of perspective for proceeding with those already in force.
3. We foretell the compatibility degrees of the partners both socially and
4. We foretell the condition of the individual physical data along with the
further determination of the most probable disease characteristic of the
given person. Also, it is possible to determine the exact date of the
commencement of the medical treatment or operation.
5. We are able to compile an individual horoscope to reveal the most
critical negative and positive vital.
6. We can deal with the strictly individual issues regarding as private
life as well as business activities to the extent desired bye a customer.
7. The complete confidentiality of application is guaranteed bye the Company.
8. A contact is to be concluded for specific orders. The scopes, time of
performance and fees are to be stipulated in the contract. It is necessary
that the astrologers have at their disposal a date of birth of a private
person or a legal entity. (Also, it would be desirable accuracy to have an
exact time and geographical place of birth.)
9. Basing on the astrological card, our company "BRIPAGEMM" LLC can assist
your client to choose a partner whom he would be pleased with due to his own
internal attraction. This will be the subconscious ideal image that man is
constantly seeking. The quality of work is guaranteed by our company. A
client's exact date of birth is an indispensable data in our astrologers's work

President "BRIPAGEMM" L.L.C.

12/8 Marsa gatve

Phone: (371) 935-2250
http:/ /