Re: virus: Questions to help distinguish a pseudoscience from a

Gay Daugherty (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 08:59:18 -1000

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Good list for evaluating any of the arts of woo-woo. Although, there
appears to be characteristics of mime in society --ie: virus thinking
and the spread of same. Advertising subliminally manuevers thought
and choice. TV programs such as Cops create fear in some viewers to
the point they believe that it is a fearful world full of "criminals."
Religion can be a blind belief system for the fearful. The political
arena violates our senses with "disinformation."

Culturally, we lack the skills to recognize how we are manipulated
and our movements controlled. Interestingly, it is "we" who also
manipulate and control. The virus is self feeding. Pseudoscience it
may be, yet symptoms of its existence persist.

Thanks for your thoughts.