Re(2): virus: Metasystem Transition

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 23:18:44 -0800

Dan Plante wrote:
It seemed the most appropriate place to interface the inputs.
The corpus collosum (note: I'm an arm-chair biologist) seems to be the
conduit whereby thoughts and memories are shared/coordinated between the
hemispheres, so I put the sampling and output taps there.
My God! He *knows* what he's talking about! Worse - he shows
*expertness* in this field! Now quick... let him not see my total laity
in Neurology... I need an irrational distractor... Some mystical crap...
Oh I know:
You "scientists" shut your eyes to the wonders of collective memory!

P.S.: Would your story be available in an archive somewhere?

Not online, I mean not intentionally online, only offline notes. I would
have sketched some of them here If I hadn't been so tired. My vision of
the Net wasn't so shiny anyway. Lots of progress and massive social
shifts, but also lots of commercialization and (I hope you're reading
this Mr. Objectivism) irrationality. Each persom is connected to a AIed
computer, who takes care of communication, living, and all the rest, as
a partner rather than a serf.