RE: virus: C of V: Another Religion

Dave Pape (
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 22:00:20 GMT

At 12:50 02/02/97 -0400, Tom wrote:

>>Most mailing lists and newsgroups are dominated by a few individuals. In
>>contrast, in "real life" I have personal interactions with many people
>>one-on-one in a day.
>here: i am an example of one of those *not dominating this list--or any
>other, for that matter.
>lurk lurk lurk. hi!

Tom- while you've been lurking, have you been thinking "Hmm, I wonder who
the senior contributors to this list are?" ... because I did, when I was
still lurking. I didn't assume that everyone no the list was equal. I don't
think we treated XYZ as an equal.

But hey: peace to your hominid soul.

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