RE: virus: Good Ideas

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 21:28:49 -0800

Tim wrote:
>On 1 Feb 1997, David Rosdeitcher wrote:
>> Here are some reasons why I think that cyberspace is a forum where
>> good ideas outcompete bad ones.
>Am I correct in assuming that what follows is your version of what a
>"good" idea should be? If so, can I sum up those views like this (with
>liberal clipping and editing on my part).
> Good (Rosdeitcherian) Ideas are ones:
>> In which when people interact, they are usually alone,
>> thinking independently, without the influence of a collective group.
>> Which interact by communicating back and forth as equals, as
>> opposed to one or more dictating to others what to think.
>> In which ideas themselves are the main focus.
>> That are more open to challenge and can be looked at from a wide
>> variety of perspectives.
>> That can be edited, modified and developed easily.
>> For which it is not true that those that sound best when
>> they are put 'on the spot' can "win".
>If so, this is quite a can of worms, my friend.

Your "liberal clipping" took out this part:

>People would be in a more rational state if they are neither exalted nor
>intimidated by their 'status', unlike various institutions where some people
>are "undisputed experts" and others are "ignorant proletariat".

An undisputed expert, "Prof. Tim" is trying to intimidate the ignorant
proletariat "my friend" by trying to make him feel guilty of opening a can
of warms.

It does not work on the internet, does it, Prof Tim?

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