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Tue, 4 Feb 1997 00:22:09 GMT

At 22:13 03/02/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Dave Pape wrote:
>I take what I hope is a memetic definition of "good idea": a meme which
>very effective at getting a stake in many people's mental processing
>resource. Thus the large-scale meme "Judaism" is a "good idea", because
>got a decent stake in a great many minds.
>On the same manner, a 'good mutation' increases the number of the meme's
>hosts. Thus both "Christianity" and "Islam" are 'good mutations' of the
>meme "Judaism", right?
>When those mutations would evolve to a certain phase in which they would
>promote the eradication of their original ancestor, they'd remain
>"good", right?

I've GOT to be tough on this one, Lior. Sorry, I think this'll make you my
social enemy, because the memes I'll transmit here will irritate the memetic
structure in you headspace to fire a large volley of aggressive memes at me.
But what the heck.

Number 1, I'm not anti-semitic.

Number 2, I'm not Christian.

BUT: By whatever means, if a meme shall propagate itself effectively
throughout the totality of memetic processing space, then it is an effective
meme. A "good" meme, in my terms. I don't mean a meme with which I feel a
moral affinity; /that/ definition of "good" is always subjective. I mean a
meme which conforms in effect to the specification of Meme, which is a
cognitive construct which reproduces and spreads throughout the cognitive
processing environment of All Human Minds.

So, if I say that memes which co-opt cognitive processing source by means
which I find repulsive (killing lots of people and using their physical
resources to raise people who think like you) are still "good" memes, you'll
understand what I mean. Like the gene for "compete with thy neighbour" is a
good gene, since almost everyone seems to have it.

Dave Pape
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