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Dave Pape (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 00:44:50 GMT

At 14:31 03/02/97 EST, David R wrote:
> One fundamental choice people have is to be honest or dishonest-to
figure out
>reality or evade reality. No one can force anyone else to be honest or

Couldn't I even stick a loaded, cocked, 9mm handgun into your temple and
threaten you that I'd shoot your brains out if you said, "I agree fully with
Richard Brodie"? I bet that'd work. Meaning that, statistically, we can
force people to be honest or dishonest quite a lot.

>For instance, when I showed why the ideology promoted by the Church
>of Virus is bogus, some people chose to ignore me.

What is the ideology of Virus? THIS discussion is the ideology of Virus.
Your ideas are the ideology of Virus. In a very real sense, since they form
part of the memetic system from which CoV emerges as memetic metasystem.

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