Re: virus: Sociobiological Change???
Tue, 4 Feb 97 11:35:40 GMT

Lior wrote:

> The recent stream of 'C of V: Another Religion' and 'Metasystem
> Transition' utterly covered all the 'Sociobiological Change' and the
> 'Anarchy' posts.
> Had they really drained themselves out?

It certainly seemed like we were throwing up the same stuff again and

> Are all the points extracted?

I doubt it. Such a set of ideas is so large and complex that I doubt
we got anywhere in comparison to how far it could be taken.

> Or
> is it simply because most active virions are fresh?

Unfortunately, the powers that be have, rather annoyoingly, decided
that I must actually do some work to justify my monthly wage, and
so time is pretty tight at the moment. Once I get a home account
set up, it should be easier.