virus: Give Richard a break

Reed Konsler (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 18:05:45 -0500

I mean, really, folks. I don't think he's a delicate guy or anything...I
just get tired of reading all this conspiracy crap. I mean, he'll be the
first to tell you that most of the ideas he supports aren't even
original...he just advocates them. I advocate mine and you advocate yours.
And we all condecend to speak to one another. Isn't that wonderful. He's
written a book about his ideas; I have a lot of respect for someone who is
willing to focus that kind of time and energy.

I have not, in fact, read his book (serious backlog) and thus more or less
zone whenever he goes into level-speak. Even so, I've found most of the
things he's posted to be articulate and consistent. I don't perceive any
great danger from him.

This is just my opinion: The information / bullshit ratio would increase
dramatically if we ceased attacking one another's motivations. I
understand that motivations might be the most sigificant part of many of
the arguments we have. If we are searching for some sort of consensus,
though, we ought to be able to establish it irrespective of individual
motivations (call it the "market-of-ideas" hypothesis). Isn't that why we
are having this check our own ideas against one another?

Anyway, if I had been attacked the way Richard has been I think I might
have found myself something better to do. This certianly isn't the only
place to have a conversation...


Reed Konsler