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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 16:54:22 -0800

David R. wrote:
>This was a case that was completely different than anything I've ever seen
>where people were not believing what they were saying, they were simply
>studying how memes work and attacking my memes with theirs while
>enjoying watching a guy deal with a belief crisis.

>From "Virian Ethics" (

No other system of thought in history has proven more effective.
If truth is the goal, rationality is the way. A good Virion will endeavor
to hold a consistent set of beliefs and act in accordance with those beliefs.

Think critically, act rationally.

Is this list infected, or something?...

>I am on another mailing list for people who "think like me" ...

What list is it, David?

Can you share some more of the Neo-Tech techniques? The first two fit very
well with what Richard has been doing for quite a long time (although,
honestly (:-)), he's only made $9.98, not a big deal, may be he is hust

It is fascinating to find a theory behind something you see and do not know
how to cope with (like F = m * a). Once one grasps it, one can predict what
happens next.

(Richard, admit it, it's you -- you write David's posts, I know it!)

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