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Dave Pape (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 21:04:39 GMT

At 13:02 06/02/97 EST, David R wrote:

>Putting up the FAQ about Neo-Tech and the statistics about objectivism is still
>just attacking my memes and not my ideas.

David: could you, if you want to carry on using this objection to what we're
doing, PLEASE answer the question "What is the difference between a meme and
an idea passed from one person to another?"?

>Anyway, I already read that FAQ which
>is designed by Neo-Tech to draw negative attention to itself and I could have
>predicted those statistics.

The statistics seem to be evidence that objectivism is less widespread on
the Web than astrology/horoscopes and homeopathy. How can you predict those
results in a way which agrees with your claims that the Internet is a forum
in which rationality flourishes, and in which irrationality "gets busted"?

> Tad brought up a question of why go to a church alone to tell the members
>they are all wrong? This is something different than anything I've ever
seen and
>it is something to understand and be aware of. I see it as a disease that can
>get out of control if it's not understood.

It's called human beings talking to, and disagreeing with, each other.

>This is sort of like a chess game of
>infinite combinations, and anything I say or anything you say would have a

Well of course. For any meme, there are always plenty of memes which can be
launched back by the personalities which that meme impinges on.

One general point: I think it might help the argument process if you
answered your critics' points one by one, and specifically, actually quoting
their text in your reply. This would help us understand which of our ideas
you're countering, and why, and generally help target the discussion. Might
keep it cleaner.

...Might not...

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