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Dave Pape (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 23:22:29 GMT

At 12:58 06/02/97 -0800, I made Tad-model write:

>Richard Brodie wrote:
>>Dave Pape wrote:
>>>Sorry, but no... Dennett and Dawkins and Speel all agree that one of
>>>major selection pressures on memes is whether or not they confer a
>>>benefit on their host organism.
>>Whoa bucko! Brodie definitely does NOT agree,
>>Rememeber, you heard it here first.
>Remember also that Mr.Hyde does not believe IT:
>"We have an ideology? Cool! What is it? No, seriously, David, there are few
>dogmatists in this group. I'm probably the worst, constantly harping on my
>Level 3 crap. But I don't BELIEVE it!"

Now I'd pitched Tad-model, as I've often done recently, as competing for the
same bits of CofV's group memetic resource as me. So I wrote... his memes
attacking Richard's memes, while Richard attacked David R at the same time
as supporting my memes. But then, reading Richard's memes again, they

>We have an ideology? Cool! What is it? No, seriously, David, there are
>few dogmatists in this group. I'm probably the worst, constantly harping
>on my Level 3 crap. But I don't BELIEVE it!

Richard didn't believe we have an ideology? That was terrible! I'd have to
change my memetic model of Richard, and that might make Richard-model mesh
differently with other meme-structures in my personality! And what if, after
that rewiring (which loses me confidence in my reactions to Richard as it
proceeds)... after that, what if Richard were to start believing CofV had an
ideology again? Shit, then I'd have to re-model my Richard-model, and thus
my own personality, *A 2ND TIME*!

Oh. But then... I think an ideology is just like a formalised and shared
canon of stable memes, distributed widely throughout the memetic processing
space of a social group.

And then... I suppose what's happening is, that at Richard's precise time of
writing his post, the meme "CofV is a particularly stable memetic structure"
was just being momentarily out-competed, in his personal memetic processing
space, by the meme "CofV is pretty low-middle in terms of stability of its
group memetic ecology". Maybe he was DISINHIBITING IT ON PURPOSE, and
letting it out as a joke, a joke being patterned memes which disagree with,
and "tickle", your memetic ecology. Non-invasive memetic attack.

And then it didn't seem half as bad.

So I /was/ right to make Tad-model write the way he had, because I think he
was /misinterpreting/ Richard's post. I don't agree with Tad-model.

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