virus: RE: Neo-Tech

Thu, 06 Feb 97 17:53:17 CT

Greetings. I am a new member of this mailing list, and I don't want anyone to
think that I am being an asshole. However, I must make this statement. Richard
Brodie's post virus: Neo-Tech, in which the entire Neo-Tech FAQ was quoted,
took up too much space. With a length of over a thousand lines, it could have
been easily replaces with the URL. Posts of this sort cost money to those
people that have to pay for download time. I hope that this doesn't anger too
many people, and I hope that posts of that length won't be repeated.

Corey A. Cook

*Dog-What do you think when you wake up? *
*Cat-I think, "What's for breakfast?" What do you think? *
*D-I think, "What exciting things are going to happen *
* today?" *
*C-Same thing. *