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Dave Pape (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:06:10 GMT

At 18:09 06/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>Dave Pape
>>And then... I suppose what's happening is, that at Richard's precise time of
>>writing his post, the meme "CofV is a particularly stable memetic structure"
>>was just being momentarily out-competed, in his personal memetic processing
>>space, by the meme "CofV is pretty low-middle in terms of stability of its
>>group memetic ecology". Maybe he was DISINHIBITING IT ON PURPOSE, and
>>letting it out as a joke, a joke being patterned memes which disagree with,
>>and "tickle", your memetic ecology. Non-invasive memetic attack.
>Congratulations Dave, you've made it to Level-3!

I don't think it's a simple transition, I don't think people just get onto
the level-3 train from the level-2 platform, then ride for the rest of their
waking lives.

I think that I get flashes of what Richard would describe as level-3
processing, moments when memes compatible with Richard's "level-3" memes are
dominant over their competitors in my memetic ecology.

Furthermore, I don't think Richard himself "processes at level 3" for a very
high percentage of the time. His postings sometimes mention words like
"absolutely", and make flat statements about things, rather than saying that
they are memes which at that time are dominant over their competitors in his
memetic ecology.

I think that "level 3" memes may well be dominant a higher percentage of the
time in Richard's memespace than in mine, because he /works/ in memetics,
whereas I work in food distribution.

Dave Pape
If you mapped memespace onto a 2D plane, then made a 3-D graph with
Activation Level as the vertical axis, and animated shots of the graph over
time, it'd look like the progress of some crazy Hokusai ocean.

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