Re: virus: Axioms and hypocrisy

Dave Pape (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:06:13 GMT

At 17:11 06/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:

>Now, let's go to the cheating, or as Richard calls it in the "Virus of the
>Mind" -- "hypocrisy". There are different ways we can approach our
>relationship with this axiom (N = No, Y = Yes):

I'm going to try a translation of these statements into descriptions of
memetic processes, using "meme x" to tag the axiom-meme:

>1. Don't think of it at all (N).

Meme x hasn't yet been transmitted into our memetic ecology.

>2. Think of it (Y) and:

Meme x /has/ been transmitted into our memetic ecology.

> 2.1 believe it (YY) and

Meme x is assimilated into our memetic ecology so as to be competitively
dominant over memes that would oppose it.

> 2.1.1 encourage others to believe it (YYY)

Meme x is transmitted to other memetic ecologies (people/groups of people).

> 2.1.2 discourage others as if they did not believe
it (YYN).

A meme which opposes (competes with) meme x, becaomes active enough to be
transmitted to other memetic ecologies.

> 2.2 do not believe it (YN).

Meme x impinges on our memetic ecology but is outcompeted by opposing memes.

>The YYN people say "don't be obsessed with truth" when it is convenient for
>them. The same people, when somebody has a different opinion can say: "This
>is your simple prejudice, and an inaccurate one." As if they were saying:
>"nobody knows what is accurate except me". These are the hypocrites.

Sorry, perhaps they're producing a mixture of level-2 and level-3 memes.

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