Re: virus: Good idea

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 08 Feb 1997 23:02:42 -0800

Kenneth Boyd wrote:
On the other hand, the "Judaism" meme-complex has remarkable
endurance/adaptability. Creating nations dedicated to the meme-complex,
when the meme-complex has phenotypes dating backwards over 3 millenia,
is not a typical feat.

I would expect Judaism to outcompete contraspiritual Christianity within
50 years.
Unfortunately (but not so surprisingly), the
spiritual\mystical\semi-paganic streams in Judaism are the ones to gain
growing popularity nower days. Until now, the Christian conversion
pressure worked as a certain valve - mystical streams in Judaism
vanished into Christianity, and only the rational perceptions survived.
Having a state of your own only increase the mystification process, as
irrational mystical memes for the mass give corrupted religious parties
the political mandate to suck public budgets for their own good.