virus: Level 3

Richard Brodie (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 09:06:19 -0800

Dave Pape wrote:

>I think that I get flashes of what Richard would describe as level-3
>processing, moments when memes compatible with Richard's "level-3"
>memes are
>dominant over their competitors in my memetic ecology.

Level 3 is a mode of consciousness, not a meme. Well, it is a meme, of
course, but that's not the point.
>Furthermore, I don't think Richard himself "processes at level 3" for a
>high percentage of the time. His postings sometimes mention words like
>"absolutely", and make flat statements about things, rather than saying
>they are memes which at that time are dominant over their competitors
>in his
>memetic ecology.

You may notice that I choose my words very carefully. I think this is
more common at Level 3, though certainly not absent at Level 2.
Level-2'ers just tend to have a smaller repertoire.
>I think that "level 3" memes may well be dominant a higher percentage
>of the
>time in Richard's memespace than in mine, because he /works/ in
>whereas I work in food distribution.

When you stop trying to rationalize Level 3's existence or
non-existence, then you can start to get there.

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