Re: virus: Long Posts

Dave Pape (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 21:20:06 GMT

At 23:58 07/02/97 -0800, Lior wrote:

>And as Corey pointed out, some people pay for mail-DLing.

I certainly do. British Telecom (with their market near-monopoly in the UK)
are about the most profitable company on planet Earth, reportedly. I reckon
I spend 5-6% of my salary on Internet. But what the heck? I spend 3% on
/food/, for Pete's sake.

>Even if there is a considerable hostility towards new virions, so what?
>The first responses to Dave Pape bordered with a full-scale allayhum,
>but that wasn't what made him psychic. It's must be the morphine ;)

No, it's the coffee. Another of my anti-freewill arguments is that, dose me
up on 3+ espressos, and I'm a semi-intellectual kickboxer all night, but
keep me to herbal teas and I duck all arguments. For the last two days I've
drunk nothing but Camomile infusions, and I've spent my time just reading
everyone else's posts and saying "Oh, that's really clever, I'm so very sorry."

Warning: I've had 2 espressos today, and am borderline Ninja.

>BTW: What's Eudora?

Email package. Quite nice, too, except I've only got Eudora Lite, so I can't
do anaything clever like filter out Dan Plante's posts ('cos he said he
wanted his jar shifted away from mine). For this reason I'm going to look
for a downloadable version of Eudora Sumo.

Dave Pape
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