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Dave Pape (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 21:20:32 GMT

At 14:02 07/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>Dave Pape wrote:

>>Please! What IS Crick's model? Can you give us a flavour of it?
>My pleasure. Here is what Francis Crick says about Free Will in his "The
>Astonishing Hypothesis, the Scientific Search for the Soul". He makes three
>assumptions (axioms?...:-)):
>(1) There is a part of the brain which "is concerned with making plans for
>future actions, without necessarily carrying them out". We can be even
>conscious of making those plans by an instant recall.

No arguments there really, since I feel that I make plans, and also feel
that I'm aware of them as I make them.

>(2) The computations are based on the current state of the brain and current
>inputs from other parts of the brain (past experience, senses, voltage
>applied by Dr. Plante :-), infection with the Hypocrisy Virus, etc.). We
>are not conscious of the "computations" made by this part of the brain. We
>only know the "decisions" which appear to us as our plans.


>(3) Which plan of action is implemented depends on the same mechanism. We
>are only "informed" of the decision. In Cricks's words "one has immediate
>recall of what is decided but not of the computations that went into the

This... is this compatible with the "decision before conscious awareness"
result? It seems to be... through my linguistic perceptual filters, anyway...

>"Such a machine" -- he says -- "will appear to itself to have Free Will,
>provided it can personify its behavior -- that is, it has an image of
>'itself' ".


>He ends his book with a suggestion that "Free Will is located in or near the
>anterior cingulate sulcus" although other areas of the brain may be also
>involved, and... more research needs to be done.

Stop: Free will IS located? Or APPEARS, to that system, TO BE located?
Because, something APPEARING TO HAVE FREE WILL is nothing like a thing WITH
free will, free will being "located in the anterior cingulate sulcus".

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