Re: virus: How did we get here

Dave Pape (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 21:20:38 GMT

At 21:20 07/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>Jake (who *never* complains about anyone elses spelling mistakes. :)
>>P.S. I stumbled on memetics after researching political theory. How did
>>you all get intrested?
>I was searching the Net for Richard Dawkins (my hero) and somehow got linked
>to the Church of Virus.


No wonder you aren't committed to the Church's doctrine. I saw you stealing
from the collection plate.

I came here because I thought I'd invented the concept of Group Mind, then
fell out of love with it, started thinking about ideas interacting on a
bigger-than-one-skull level WITHOUT necessarily being part of a Group Mind,
then heard about memes and did an Alta Vista search for +"Mailing List" +meme.

You poor bastards.

Dave Pape
If you mapped memespace onto a 2D plane, then made a 3-D graph with
Activation Level as the vertical axis, and animated shots of the graph over
time, it'd look like the progress of some crazy Hokusai ocean.

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