Re: virus: Objectivism vs Astrology in Cyberspace

David Rosdeitcher (
09 Feb 97 19:18:56 EST

I wrote:

>> CoVis a forum where a Hegelian model is used to stimulate conversation and
>>ideas. I
>>find that having conflict with people who do not agree with me creates a
>>yin/yang dynamic tension that leads to more creativity (interesting posts)
>>can later be used to make money. The truth about CoV might be different
Martz wrote
>Is this a problem? Every book* comes from somewhere, some interactions
>between the author and his environment, both social and physical. In
>this light CoV is just another forum for social interaction? If one or
>other of us gains sufficient insight from those exchanges to write a
>book, and if that book should be successful enough to reward the author
>with (god forbid) a *profit*, why should we complain? I for one would be
>quite flattered.

Did I say there was anything wrong with making money off creativity generated
here? What do you think I am, a goddam socialist? -David