Re: virus: MEME UPDATE #4

Peter Charlot (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 18:38:33 -1000

Richard Brodie wrote:

>There has been a lot of discussion going on over in the "Church of
>Virus" mailing list about the "Level 2" and "Level 3" of consciousness
>that I describe in Virus of the Mind...

Thanks for the thumbnail sketch. As a newcomer I was totally lost on what
seems to be the main thread of the group. Now I feel whole.


Richard Brodie wrote elsewhere:

>(My most famous
>creation to date, Microsoft Word, was once reviewed as "the word
>processor written by geniuses for geniuses." OK, so the user interface
>was a little baroque in V1. =)

YOU WROTE MICROSOFT WORD!!!!! I'm totally impressed! I hope you get residuals.

A thought: Comparing Word Processing Programs to language. All languages
have a certain personality (French=romance, German=militant,
Italian=Passion, English=objectivity). It doesn't matter what you think your
saying, the language you use influences profoundly what is communicated.
Could we not say the same about Word Processing programs? They each have
their own style. And so in a very real way, the world of millions of
Microsoft Word users are unwittingly promoting your personality. Hey! Don't
worry about selling your book you've probably saved the world all ready.