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Wed, 12 Feb 1997 00:44:10 GMT

At 12:44 11/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>Dave Pape, Jar 148 was thinking again:

You're just bitter because I made you sign some of your posts as if I'd made
them up.

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>>I used to promote the idea of global meta-consciousness, and talked/thought
>>about Group Nervous Systems which functioned as the interaction of Central
>>Nervous Systems, and processed information in similar ways. A lot of people
>>hammered me though, saying (rightly) that there was no evidence to back up
>>my ideas, to distinguish them from "just" analogies.
>Analogies are great. Of course we are all cells of a big organism -- what
>other evidence than the fact that we all interact is needed?

They wanted some evidence that Gaia-mind had done something that bunches of
individuals couldn't do. I suppose my failure was not making them believe
that Gaia-mind WAS bunches of individuals, only... in bunches.

>Although it
>does not mean that GNS is intelligent.

What, as in not self-knowing? I reckon that, whenever the meme "Gaia knows
herself" is transmitted... well heck... maybe... Gaia becomes a tiny bit
conscious at that time, in the same way that the meme "I am conscious"...
WHAT? -I'm getting sucked into scary old fights that used to end in me being
called Hippy, an insult which cut to the core because I so desperately
wanted to BE one.

>Using analogy of living organisms,
>its complexity is probably far from a bacteria.

Yes, I agree! A bacterium is just an assemblage of a few cellular
organelles, whereas the Global Nervous System, the one from which a
Gaia-mind would emerge, consists of HUGE NUMBERS of cells, each about as
complex as those of a bacterium... and, in terms of the information flow
within that system, well, the GNS has all the cellular messages of what goes
on in a single cells, multiplied by the number of cells in the GNS, PLUS the
intercellular information which flows throughout that system, which
incorporates hormonal and other chemical information, and memetic
information too.

>>My favourite joke defense of GNS theory was that maybe global consciousness
>>hasn't bootstrapped yet, and won't do until most people think "Global
>>consciousness exists, and I am part of it- Gaia knows herself!"
>Gaia needs millions of new jars... Well, the Net is growing.


Gaia needs more jars, connected better. Which is why I've emailed Yen myself
and told him to check the list out.

>You are both, you are just hiding the female part of you. As soon as you
>let her come out, I'm sure you will think more and speak less. Make peace
>with her. It's worth it.

Erm... okay.

Hey! Some bastard left the toilet seat up!

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