virus: Re: how did we get here

Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 17:20:46 -0700

Peter wrote:

Never came across the
memetics universe until two weeks ago, when I punched it up in YAHOO! I
real stupid. You cannot imagine what it is like, after all this time, to
come across thousands of people devoted to the subject.

Welcome to the list.

I can relate. (sort of)

Three years ago I wrote a teleplay, series concept and bible for some of
my friends at the CBC here in Vancouver. They all said "You should take
this down to Arron Spelling." (Like him or not) "He'd pick it up."

"Yeah, right" I thought.

Seven months later The spelling group secures rights to a series that
is almost exactly like the one I was flogging up here.

It burned out after only seven episodes (It was 'Kindred:The Embraced")

That's my fishing story anyway. ( the one that got away)

If anything-- it lends even deeper credence to infectious nature of
ideas and stories.

  Ken Pantheists