virus: Inter-species memetic transfer

Dave Pape (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 12:57:56 GMT

I read an anecdotal account of dolphins at a zoo modelling human behaviour:

Man stands at huge window in on underwater world of the Dolphin Tank. He's
smoking a cigarette as he looks at a young dolhpin. He exhales a cloud of smoke.

Young dolphin swims to mother, takes a mouthful of milk. Swims back to
window, and exhales a white cloud of milk... smoke?

Would this classify as inter-species memetic transfer?

I'm pushing this non-human memes point because I see that more implicit
barriers have been put in place:

1 Memes are a human thing

2 Memes are linguistic

I don't like conceptual boundaries being too strict, because I know that
there's an infinite number of objects between the poles "whole apple" and
"all-eaten non-apple".

And I know that any high-school chemistry equation (these reactants change
into these products, end of story) is a brutal over-simplification.

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