RE: virus: Genes and Memes

Richard Brodie (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 12:04:12 -0800

Corey A. Cook wrote:

>In my Antigram post, I wasn't very clear in why I brought up the idea
>that genes, as well as memes, influence behavior. I theorize that
>memes are constantly changing and moving about, genes are "hard-wired"
>and thus immobile. A "good" (efficient) meme ecology would be one that
>supported and gained support from these genetic commands. The only
>problem is identifying the genetic commands . . .

Henry Plotkin's book Darwin Machines is a good treatment of this topic.
He says that intelligence (foresight) evolved to handle the things genes
weren't good at adapting to on the fly: changes in climate, predator
density, and so on. Plotkin's book is available through the
Memetics Bookstore,

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