Re: virus: Level 3 (Was Meme Update #4)

Dave Pape (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 01:27:42 GMT

At 18:43 12/02/97 -0500, Reed wrote:

>Is is possible to be Level 3 some of the time?

I think so. That's what I'm arguing. Except I don't want to call it Level 3,
I want to call it having some really abstract meta-ideas that can change
your dominant "belief system" memes from moment to moment.

>Is level behavior situation dependent (i.e, can I be a level 3
>philosopher but a level 2 chemist and a level 1 beer drinker?)

Nice! I reckon that, sitting up late at night with a pencil and paper I'm
FAIRLY level 3, but when I get sucked into an argument I tend, poor fool, to
go level 2...

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