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Dave Pape (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 08:45:49 GMT

At 22:50 12/02/97 -0700, David McF wrote:
>> From: Glenn Grant <pawn@CAM.ORG>

>> This is my first post here; I've just recently discovered the CoV, and I
>> must say I'm rather "chuffed", as the Brits say. I was doing the
>I'm not familiar with "chuffed". Is it good or bad to be chuffed?

Couple of meanings here:

1 "I am chuffed": I am pleased... also has slight overtones of pride,
in many cases. It'd usually be used in instances where the speaker's pleased
with something that benefitted themselves, or by something they did.

2 "Sorry, I've chuffed": to chuff can also mean to fart.

Isn't language rich and amazing etc etc.

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