RE: virus: CoV Memetics: Mysticism of the 90's

Chelstad, Erik (
Thu, 13 Feb 97 19:03:00 PST

> David Rosdeitcher (who didn't do that thing in Arkansas) says:

> Memetics, as studied in CoV, is not science. Science, unlike CoV
>assumes that 1)there is an external reality of which to study,

I don't recall that ever being a necessary prerequisite for science.

Science just assumes that the world is made of truths that can be obtained
through empirical study (and lots of it!).

I made a jest at science being the mysticism of the 20th century, but now I
give a new byte.
Science isn't knowledge, it's an attitude.
Science is when the human mind refuses to believe that mysteries
cannot be solved. The body of information surrounding that attitude
is merely the result of attempting to fortify that attitude with "proof."
(I quote proof to allow it's flexibility, as it often changes with cultures,
time, etc..)

Don't be so rigid with science, as she's a slippery beast that will
leave you miserable and balding, mumbling about gods and dice
and such.