Re: virus: Re: Greetings

Peter Charlot (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 18:27:08 -1000

Glenn Grant wrote:
>Actually, I generally have a low tolerance for philosophical discussions.
>My eyes tend to glaze over at the sight of words such as "objective" and
>"subjective" and especially "essence". But thus far, this list is a lot of

Interview with the meme "objective"

Peter: So "Objective" what's your personal take on this new guy, Grant. I
mean, hell's bells, McFadzean welcomes him personally, offers to make him
Pope and the first thing he does it take a swipe at you, one of our most
favored Deacons.

Objective: Yah, well, first of all let me say, that I appreciate your
sitting down with me like this. Memeticist don't often, you know, take into
account a single word's personal feelings. They like the big meta-meme
views. They don't consider how a grunt like hard we work... But in
response, I mean if you check the OED you can see that I've been around
awhile, and I'm...well you never get used to abuse, but what can you do when
your dealing with word-racists?

Peter: So your not going to take this attack personally?

Objective: Oh, I take it personally and seriously. I've seen to many words
get axed from this world to think me immune. I mean when is the last time
you used the word "snick-up?" Christ...he died hard...

Peter: Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean...

Objective: I'm alright...thanks. We were close, kind of an odd couple
actually. We used to hang out...

Peter: ..So, "Objective"...

Objective: Objy...please...

Peter: you think your stay is over here in the ol' CofV? I mean
do think you'll have to move on?

Objective: Could be, you never know. But there's always a need for me. More
people know me than know Grant. By the way, how come "Subjective" and
"Essence" aren't here...

Peter: Well, "Subjective" said he wouldn't be seen with you...

Objective: Typical.

Peter: ...and "Essence" said that Grant's dissembling through his teeth and
uses her constantly when he is alone. Seems their close...

Objective: I could have figured that...typical of Word Owners, say one
thing in public, but in the privacy of their bedrooms, hey...

Peter: So, any thing more you'd like to say to Grant.

Objective: Nah, my eyes are starting to glaze over just thinking about the guy.