Re: virus: Re: Reason is just the endless paperwork of the mind

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 18:29:48 -0800

I wrote:
> We've once spoke about somekind of a 'social logic' which evaluates the
> meme's absorption potential rather than its coherency. What about
> providing that site's URL?

Kenneth Boyd wrote:
I believe I spawned that thread. If there's a URL on it, I don't know
about it. But I could *create* one.

I'll look up my URL for D.Leeper's Zero page: he has some
I don't think Homo Deus have absorbed it into his Cohesive Math.

My memory of 'social logic' dates back to that huge storming over
level-3 when jar 3 only introduced it. Not only I've failed to find it
over there, I've failed to indicate the dates in which that storming
took place.

I'm really no help on this one, am I?