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Dave Pape (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 00:01:35 GMT

At 16:39 13/02/97 -0500, Glenn wrote:

>I have no idea what a "pakora" is!

Oh, man, they're /fantastic/. It's Indian food, which has just got to be the
greatest cuisine ever, surely. Spicy, deep-fried vegetable thingies.*

My brother Jim (24 y. o.) lives in Bradford- Yorkshire town, with a large
Asian population. My brother John (18) and I (28) went there to play Jenga
and go to the Orbit techno club, where dangle buzzheads from balconies,
flailing their Northern European hominid limbs to vinyl plastic records of
rhythmic music. There's no elder brother Derek. Sorry, he was a lie. There
would've been an elder sister, but she died before I got born.

So, the three lads went to the Evershine Restaurant on Horton Road. Greatest
restaurant on the planet. First time I went there it was just with Jim (John
still at school) and we loved it so much that we wrote them a letter
promising to tell the planet about their restaurant. Well, Hey Israel! Hey
Poland! Hey Trinidad! Hey Hawaii! Hey America!

Anyway, 23rd November 1996, Jim's birthday and The Orbit the next day.
Tonight, down the Evershine.

I wanted to film the three of us- as we walked in, we were enjoying the
first time we've all been together away from Mum and Dad (who, you'll
remember, independently from me came across and hosted memes about
autocatalysis and ecogenesis).

We were nattering, joking, describing people like we were watching bands of
apes... a roll which continued up to the precise moment we started eating.
At that moment, Evershine curry, with Chapatis, Raitha and homemade yogurt
lassee to drink (no franchise, no clowns), we fell silent.

The food was so good it hammered all our memes out of our heads. It swamped
us in non-linguistic, lingual gorgeousness.

Can't remember whether we got Jim any birthday presents. Think we got him
cards. Doesn't matter. We had totally the best time, even when we got snowed
in, and even when we witnessed a car crash.

* That's my memes relating to pakoras. At the point asterisked above,
they activated memes concerning my brothers... very strong memes which
activate keenly, swamp other memes easily, and transmit. Memetic basins of

Uh? A gravitational universe is PHYSICAL basins of attraction. An object
is... stuff collecting in a basin of gravitational attraction? Anyone see
that image? The stuff is always... sub-objects... READY!

Actually- I hope my brothers still exist, I hope they're still alive, cos...
these memories aren't them being here... it's just memes from them activated
in my head. But wait! In fact, bummer, the only way in which I know my own
brethren is in terms of a memetic model of them in my head, EVEN WHEN I'M
much to bear!

Hmm, but I got this last idea, meme, from John. PLUS a lot of the Group
Nervous System stuff I'm posting comes from Jim... So, as a partially
memetic emergent, I AM, partially, my brothers. I carry some of the people I
like. Phew. Sorry, long post, I'm freeforming cos not many people are
posting tonight. Soz, seeya!

Dave Pape
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