RE: virus: Richard Dawkins? I... have, erm... a... a

Dave Pape (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:59:07 GMT

At 15:29 17/02/97 -0800, Richard Brodie wrote:
>Dave Pape wrote:
>>Listen people, I don't want to seem jumpy or anything, but I've only
>>got 3
>>days to prepare for the slight possibility that I may get an
>>opportunity to
>>ask Richard Dawkins a question about memetics.
>I wouldn't stress out about it. I don't think he knows much about
>memetics. I've chatted with him on several occasions, and he seems
>pretty much to stick to selfish-gene evolutionary biology.

When? /I/ don't... remember.

I'm not Richard Dawkins, of course. It's another minuet at our masquerade of
the mind. If you give a toss anymore after my last post... any hints about
how to approach him? Should I, like... groom him? Or just swagger up and
sniff his arse, and stuff?

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