Re: virus: Bastard Son of Virus

Lior Golgher (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 19:40:31 -0800

Peter wrote here or there:

For a specific example of meme/brain interface this group is a great
example. By entering this group and interacting over a period of time I've
allowed my mind to download (quite literally) each of your personaltys.
Dave, Tim, Tad, Richard, Reed, Kenneth, Glenn, Hakeeb, Vicki, James, David,
Lior, Wade, David, Corey, Erik, Tom....Oh! God! Help me! al now live as
separate individuals within my cortex. No telling who you've all usurped
because of limited space. As time goes by I will refine and develop more
accurate representations of each person. But all ready I can place you in
the bustling pub in my brain and watch us interact.

Not once I've heard them speaking for me, in fact I think my people have
heard Stephen quite a lot.

Regarding the prior parts of your posts, have you reas Morris' "The
Human Animal" or atleast "The Human Zoo"?