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Richard Brodie (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 12:48:05 -0800

Since the groundhog didn't see his shadow, and therefore spring is here,
I thought I'd post this ancient advice for the young men on the list who
find their fancy lightly turning to thoughts of love.

A few hundred years ago, Vatsyana included in the classic Kama Sutra.,
list of women that according to him, are easy to be made to fall in
His observations might strike one as funny, especially in this age, but
analyzed does make sense. Here is the list :

1. Women who stand at the door of her home
2. Women who always look at the street
3. Women who go to the neighbors to gossip
4. Women who always stare at you
5. Women who act as "go-betweens" between lovers
6. Women who look at you from the sides of her eyes
7. Women who's husbands have taken another wife without reasonable cause
8. Women who are enraged by her husband, or whose husband is enraged at
9. Women who cannot be controlled by anyone.,
10. Women who are childless
11. Women who come from low or infamous clans
12. Women whose children are already dead
13. Social Climbers
14. Women who are too sweet to their husbands
15. Women whose husbands are Artists
16. Widows
17. Poor Women
18. Women who love parties
19. Women who have a lot of baby brothers
20. Arrogant women
21. Women whose husbands are in a lower social standing than themselves
22. Women who are proud of their artistic capabilities
23. Women who are embarrassed by the acts of her husband
24. Women who married at a very early age.
25. Women who always criticize their husbands for little things
26. Women who are not respected by her peers in terms of beauty or
27. Women whose husbands are always traveling
28. Wives of Jewelers
29. Jealous Women
30. Envious women
31. Immoral women
32. Sterile women
33. Lazy women
34. Cowardly women
35. hunchback women
36. midget women
37. Deformed women
38. Women who are wild
39. Women who are slobs
40. Women who are sick (Forrest, I'm dying...will you marry me?)
41. Old women.

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