virus: Re: battle

Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 00:23:24 -0700

Dave R. wrote:
> To see how this works, it is important to understand that there
>are 2 and
>ONLY 2 philosophical systems of thought: Platonistic and Aristotelian.

Richard B.
You lost me here. Why on earth would you assert there are only two?


Well, there *are* only two breakfast cereals-- corn flakes and rice
krispies. I can see that there are only two philosophical systems.

The trick is choosing the one that the prizes don't suck.

David R. wrote:

But, most
>in general have tendencies to follow "higher authorities" and accept
>Platonistic ideas.

Snob. ;>

How can you say this and accuse the Church of virus of having High

You aren't arguing for the enfranchisement of "most people"-- you think
they are sheep. Are jealous because you want to be their "higher

  Ken Pantheists