Re: virus: Manipulation 101

David Rosdeitcher (
19 Feb 97 21:47:38 EST

Tad wrote:
>Lesson #1

>Do something funny with the host's name (we've covered that already a few
>times), so the host feels inferior and you look like a very WISE person:

>Lesson #2

>If the host is sending messages about being afraid to take sides, for example:

>(1) Intimidate, like BIG Brother:
>(2) Make an impression that your side is much stronger, .

Lesson #3 Neocheating
Just as in Las Vegas, the casinos make money by relying on "house-odds",
neocheaters usurp power by relying on the odds of how people are likely to
This statement is an example:
>That's when you should look at reprogramming your mind: when people you
>admire have different positions from you.
The odds are good that these 2 ideas will come to mind: 1. I admire this guy
who made the statement. 2.He has a different position than I.
2 probable Integrations: 1. He must be right since I admire him. 2. I should
reprogram my mind. -David