Re: virus: Manipulation 101

David Rosdeitcher (
21 Feb 97 00:31:41 EST

Tad wrote:

>And let's write this book together.

Let's go for it, Tad! High Five!

Lesson #6-Using misdirection by shifting attention from a problem at hand to
the person bringing up the problem
Just as Tad mentioned in Lesson #4, how Reed was functioning parasitically by
using one of Richard Dawkins' ideas while denouncing Dawkins as worthless, all
human parasites operate by manipulating the consciousness of others while
usurping power over them. One of the techniques used by these parasites is to
make other people feel ashamed--like there is something wrong with them--for
expressing what they really think.
So, one way to be an effective parasite is when someone brings up a problem with
you or something else, imply that the real problem is with the person who is
mentioning the problem. Take a look at these examples:

>David, this post makes less logical sense than your previous ones. Do
>you agree? If so, why?

Notice--not only does focus become on the consciousness of the person instead of
the topic at hand, but an emphasis on *why* there is "something wrong" with that
person, as if it has already been established that the problem is with the

A good diversion technique is this: while you are deflecting attention away from
the problem and onto the person mentioning the problem, act like a caring
psychotherapist--a "benefactor" who can be trusted.

>David, I truly appreciate your hanging in with us. The reason you feel
>attacked is that you are on the verge of a Level-3 breakthrough and your
>Level-2 mindset (ego) is turning its defense mechanisms on full bore.

Such techniques are effective because people in general are often filled with
feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and guilt. And, people are fed false
myths about "benefits" of "letting it all hang out" to such seemingly
trustworthy people.

Tad-you mentioned something about Level 3? -David Rosdeitcher