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Fri, 21 Feb 1997 12:43:37 GMT

At 21:58 20/02/97 -0500, Reed wrote:

>Not that I'm sorry. I'll take what I'm given and then some. But it
>frustrates me to tears the way this endless qualification/testing
>institution is used to convince people where they stand in realtive

Yeh, it is a shitter (ie I get agitated by it sometimes). I think it stems

The only way you can actually tell if someone can deal with your course, or
the job you offer them, is to accept them and trial them. This is clearly
unworkable, so I can see why tests which may predict some of the time
whether people can fit into a job or course would be developed.

The problem I think is that people then generate a mythology of Testing and
Qualification, where a certain set of tests (probably ones that predict
whether you'd get on with the people who designed and commissioned the
tests) get much better propagated than others, and become a catch-all
judgement of how valid a person the test-sitter is.

With me on my Dawkins night out was Simon Oakley from work, who didn't do
nearly as well as me (in terms of on-paper qualifications) in school, and he
really loved it, and was right up there with the evolutionary theory
arguments. But of course he's not thought about the stuff as much as I have,
because (and I would suggest mainly because) he wasn't encouraged to do so
as much as me. And also probably because he was socialising with friends
more than me.

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