virus: Re: prohuman

David Rosdeitcher (
21 Feb 97 12:32:48 EST

Steven Atkins wrote:

>What stops us is not that we don't
>have these aggressive memes, but that memes like "I don't want to be
>in reprisal" and "I don't want to go to prison" outcompete them.

>Also-- there's the unpleasant rush of realizing that you become
>gun-downable (not necessarily in retribution) once you participate in
>the spread of the meme.

To Stephen and others whom it may concern: I think there has been a
misunderstanding here. There was an interaction between me and Richard, which
>>Good crisis memes! However, if we ever create a "major epidemic" from
>>this ol' list I'll be more surprised than anyone.
I wrote:
>Good form of evasion! However, I agree, you won't create a "major epidemic". I
>will not tell you why. But your best bet is to hire Derek Pape to shoot me. He
>has a gun, remember?
My fault--I should have clarified what I meant. What I meant was that there
won't be any "major epidemic" of CoV type memes spreading because the memes that
I spread will outcompete the ones that many that the CoV people spread and the
only way the CoV people can "stop me" is through violence.
I was thinking, when I wrote this (although I was in a giddy mood, sorry)
that I will produce a product that will outcompete anything within the
memetics-based paradigm. (Tad and I are working on such a product right now.)
This has to do with the fact that objective reality DOES exist and people ARE
conscious of it. It's like 400 years ago when Galileo told people that the
heliocentric (sun-centered universe) concept was more valid than the geocentric
(Earth-centered universe) concept. The Catholic Church, Galileo's opposition,
could only respond with violence. I originally contended that on the internet,
which is not controlled by violence (unlike other mediums), that rational ideas
will win out over irrational ideas (as opposed to best memes win). This is a
war! People challenged me about objectivism dominating cyberspace. Well, I'd
like to find out if I'm right.
When I was in high school, I was on the wrestling team. There was a meet,
in which the big match that people were anticipating was me against the captain
of the other team. The captain turned out to be injured, and I won by forfeit. I
do not want to win this meme-war by forfeit. I'd like as much of an opposition
as possible. So, I'm asking you all who are resting on the sidelines to get
back "on the mat". Whether you do or not, I will still plow ahead. What you will
see is that dynamic objectivism, which is competitive business, is the ruler of
-David Rosdeitcher