Re: virus: Manipulation 101

David McFadzean (
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 15:08:40 -0700

At 12:23 PM 22/02/97 -0800, Eva-Lise Carlstrom wrote:

>Actually, there could be endless combinations of these three sources, too;
>A person might observe something in the physical, non-memetic world,
>relate it to something learned culturally, and be predisposed by genetics
>to come to a particular conclusion. Is the conclusion then a meme?
>Obviously, if the host then transmits it to another host, it is. But
>before being transmitted?

Yes, because a gene that kills its host before it can reproduce (by causing
a congenital defect, for example) is still considered to be a gene.

> One odd thing about memetic 'sex' as contrasted with the
>standard genetic version is that rather than creating a new entity with a
>new combination of the old materials, it changes the existing ones. Hmm.

I would say that the new one replaces the old rather than changing the old.

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