virus: Re: lesson 8

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 13:47:08 -0700

David R. Wrote:

What they are implying is that when Tad and I, 2 objectivists, dominate
CoV, it is not because objectivism is outcompeting memetics, but because
are these memes called 'inhibitor memes' which are blocking the
memeticists from
posting. Very clever!
Very paranoid.

David. I have no idea why you even think I was responding to anything
you wrote.

I was talking to Pape and Peter about the word virus and how it does not
apply only only "negative" or "agressive" memes. My post (recapped) is
about the viral nature of all ideas, that ideally, once recognizing them
for what they are (dinky little viruses) you can exert conscious control
over them, eliminating the ones that impede you. (One would hope that
they are racism, homophobia, jealousy...) But if your particular career
path is with the Louisiana State Police-- you may need those memes.

In short, don't look for patterns where none exist.

Or as my hippy friend who is a CSS officer (Canadian Secret Service--no
joke) says: "Don't plug me into your wall, man."

Ken Pantheists